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Zhang Tian Wen (China, MM2H)

Iskandar Puteri, Johor

Me and my wife were looking for the perfect helper and we found her through AP Together. Their staffs were kind and helpful, and most importantly they do listen to our requirements for our helper! We are very happy and will be recommending the company to many of our friends and colleagues. Thank you!

Teo Kah Kiat

Skudai, Johor

I don’t mind paying more as the maid provided to take care my parent is very honest and capable as a home maker and care taker.

Tan Chee Seng

Muar, Johor

This is the second time I am hiring maid from Agency Together. Our earlier maid hired from them had taken great care of my elderly mother just like her own family, we were so reluctant to let her go.

Sam Chow

Ungku Tun Aminah, Johor

Well, my wife found APT housemaid agency and we were so delighted of their services they rendered to us. Our retirement in Johor was by far excellent as our Filipino helper basically took great care of most chores in our home without having us to worry about almost anything. I give APT housemaid agency a thumbs up and thank you for making our efforts and money worth it.

Parker Houghton (USA, MM2H)

East Ledang, Johor

Maid that I hire from agency Together has good knowledge and skills in her work, well disciplined by the agency.

Ooi Ah Chai

Pontian, Johor

Ini adalah agensi terbaik yang saya pernah berurusan. Saya sudah mendapatkan perkhidmatan dari Agensi Together selama 6 tahun dan mereka tidak pernah mengecewakan saya. Mereka akan memastikan pembantu rumah sesuai dengan keperluan kamu dan saya sangat suka perkhidmatan mereka, mereka akan sentiasa memberitahu perkembangan tentang proses permohonan pembantu rumah. Saya sentiasa akan mengesyorkan mereka kepada kawan2 saya dan saudara saya dan mereka semua ada maklum balas yang baik. Tahniah Agensi Together, teruskan usaha yang baik.

Noor Aishah Binti Umar

Mount Austin, Johor

The reason that I have been engaging maid services from AP Together since 4 years ago is because I feel comfortable with their quality of services, never stop amazing me.

Mrs. Ng

Nusajaya, Johor

I had Mary working with us for 3 years. She was a great helper for my family, and also played the role as an English tutor for my son. If she decides to go back to her home town, I will get another Filipino helper from Agensi Pekerjaan Together.

Mdm, S. L. Haw

Gelang Patah, Johor


Lu Qin (China, MM2H)

Danga Bay, Johor Bahru

Maid consultants of AP Together are customer focused and very courteous. I have been hiring maids for many years and through many other agencies, this is the only agency I knew I could depend on during my first visit to their office. Keep up the good work.

Loh Meng Chuan

Bukit Indah, Johor

Great service, friendly and approachable staffs, responses were quick. Even though my first Indonesian maid selection had some hiccups as her passport had some issues and unable to come, relatively quickly Ms Angeline provided with another maid that matched my requirements. Pretty good services overall! Highly recommended!

Lee Wan Wei

Batu Pahat, Johor

好正嘅服務 - 我係喺2019年的第三季度向 APT 使用了它們的服務。 我俾佢哋了解我要聘請女傭的需求時, 佢好耐心的聽, 亦好積極的發送合適的女傭資料畀我睇。 負責人又好活躍, 好盡責, 定時通知我女傭申請嘅進展, 忙或者放假都會安排其他同事處理緊我既女傭申請。 在把女傭交比我前, 亦向女傭好詳細嘅通知咩應該做不該做, 同我對女傭的要求。

Lee Kai Shin

Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

I got to know Agency Together through one of my friend. Very professional, honest, friendly and understand our requirements. I recommend them strongly if you are finding a good domestic helper in Malaysia.

Kok Wai Lee

Ipoh, Perak


Joseph Tan

Johor Bahru, Johor

Provided me a fast and reliable service by giving me options. They know how to deal with customers as well as they provide legit well-trained maids, I highly recommend this agency if your also looking for a helper at home go contact them they will provide you the best helper you can have.

Jo-Ed Salaver

Kluang, Johor

Very good services! They listened to your needs & recommend the maids for you. Very professional & highly recommended for those who looking for maids with ease of mind.

Jimmy Way

Alor Star, Kedah

The team at AP Together has been very professional and responsive. What differentiates them from the other agencies is their commitment to the maids and their clients, I witnessed them providing the maids with orientation before starting work in Malaysia and helping me to brief my maid on their work duties, providing them clear information of what is expected of them. They also do follow up house call to help my maid settle into my family well, which is excellent service standard!

Fatimah Binti Zalif

Malacca River, Melaka

I’m very happy that my maid came on time to help out for the new year.

Chua Wei Lun

Kulai, Johor


Chen Fang Hui, Jessica (Taiwan, MM2H)

Batu Ferringhi, Penang

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